Electrochemical behaviour and biocompatibility of claddings developed using microwave route

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Metallic implants, mechanical characteristics, corrosion resistance, hydroxyapatite
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In recent years many different biomedical implants have been created for prolonged usage within the human body. The number of these implants has been steadily expanding. Mechanical characteristics of biomaterials, such as elastic modulus, hardness, tensile strength, and scratch resistance, are essential for implants. Biomechanical incompatibility is associated with implant fracture brought on by mechanical failure. The materials utilized to replace bone must have mechanical qualities comparable to those of bone. Metallic implants deteriorate due to wear, electrochemical breakdown, or a synergistic mix of the two. Biocompatible materials are used to repair or replace joints, fractured, or otherwise damaged bone. Corrosion is the main factor in hip implant failure. These characteristics also contain several other factors, such as solution factors, geometric factors, metallurgical factors, and mechanical factors. The mechanical properties of the implant materials were most important and had a considerable impact on the process of bone restoration. Metals have the highest tensile strength compared to other materials, followed by polymers and ceramics (except for zirconia). There are several issues with the metallic biomaterial that need to be fixed, including the release of harmful substances during metallic corrosion.


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