Focus and scope

Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering is an open access journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of new and original scientific results in all areas of electrochemical science, engineering, technology and material engineering. Papers submitted for publication undergo fast peer-revision process and the accepted one are immediately published on-line. For further information on free dissemination of scientific results, please read Open Access Policy.

Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering publishes the concise reports of novel research in all fields of electrochemical science and engineering. The scope of the Journal involves, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Electrochemical material science
  • Electrochemical energy conversion and storage
  • Electrochemical catalysis
  • Molecular electrochemistry and electrochemical synthesis
  • Electrochemical process engineering
  • Corrosion and corrosion protection engineering
  • Analytical electrochemistry and bioelectrochemistry
  • Environmental electrochemistry
  • Physical electrochemistry

Following types of contributions are considered for publication:

  • Original research papers
  • Feature articles
  • Review articles
  • Short communications and Notes
  • Letters to Editors
  • Book reviews

Authors are responsible for their research works, animals used for experiments, presentation and interpretation of results. Editor-in-Chief, Editors and Editorial Board do not claim any responsibility, liability of statements/opinion made by authors.