J. Electrochem. Sci. Eng.  

V2O5 as magnesium cathode material with extended cyclic stability

Charalampos Drosos, Benjamin Moss, Andreas Kafizas, Dimitra Vernardou


In this work, the electrochemical performance of aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposited vanadium pentoxide cathodes at 600 °C, is presented. The as-grown oxides indicate specific discharge capacity of 300 mA h g-1 with capacity retention of 92 % after 10000 scans, coulombic efficiency of 100 %, noble structural stability and high reversibility. The present study shows the possibility to grow large-area magnesium cathode material with extended cycle stability via utilization of an aqueous electrolyte under a corrosive environment. This enhanced performance may be a combination of electrode morphology and adherence, when compared to previous work employing electrode growth temperature at 500 °C.


Magnesium ion batteries; chemical vapor deposition; electrode morphology; coating adherence; corrosive environment

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