A concise review on lipidomics analysis in biological samples

  • Ramani Addepalli Palm Meadows, Kompally, Hyderabad-500100, India
  • Ramesh Mullangi Laxai Life Sciences, India
A concise review on lipidomics analysis in biological samples


Lipids are a complex and critical heterogeneous molecular entity, playing an intricate and key role in understanding biological activities and disease processes. Lipidomics aims to quantitatively define the lipid classes, including their molecular species. The analysis of the biological tissues and fluids are challenging due to the extreme sample complexity and occurrence of the molecular species as isomers or isobars. This review documents the overview of lipidomics workflow, beginning from the approaches of sample preparation, various analytical techniques and emphasizing the state-of-the-art mass spectrometry either by shotgun or coupled with liquid chromatography. We have considered the latest ion mobility spectroscopy technologies to deal with the vast number of structural isomers, different imaging techniques. All these techniques have their pitfalls and we have discussed how to circumvent them after reviewing the power of each technique with examples.


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