Solubility and ADMET profiles of short oligomers of lactic acid

  • Daniela Dascălu West University of Timisoara
  • Diana Larisa Roman West University of Timisoara
  • Madalina Filip West University of Timisoara
  • Alecu Aurel Ciorsac Politehnica university Timisoara
  • Vasile Ostafe West University of Timisoara
  • Adriana Isvoran West University of Timisoara
Solubility and ADMET profiles of short oligomers of lactic acid


Polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymer with an increased potential to be used in different medical applications, including tissue engineering and drug-carries. The use of PLA in medical applications implies the evaluation of the human organism's response to the polymer inserting and to its degradation products. Consequently, within this study, we have investigated the solubility and ADMET profiles of the short oligomers (having the molecular weight lower than 3000 Da) resulting in degradation products of PLA. There is a linear decrease of the molar solubility of investigated oligomers with molecular weight. The results that are obtained also reveal that short oligomers of PLA have promising pharmacological profiles and limited toxicological effects on humans. These oligomers are predicted as potential inhibitors of the organic anion transporting peptides OATP1B1 and OATP1B3, they present minor probability to affect the androgen and glucocorticoid receptors, have a weak potential of hepatotoxicity, and may produce eye injuries. These outcomes may be used to guide or to supplement in vitro and/or in vivo toxicity tests such as to enhance the biodegradation properties of the biopolymer.


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Solubility special issue