Nanomaterials in biomedicine, drug delivery and pharmaceutical analysis


After the introduction of nanotechnology as a new science, there were tremendous changes in its application. Nanomaterials rapidly penetrate a diverse area of biomedicine and pharmaceutical research, including drug development, drug delivery, tissue engineering and medicinal chemistry. Its versatile use helps in alleviating complex difficulties faced with drug administration and absorption, controlled release, targeted delivery and cellular uptake. Due to their distinctive physico-chemical properties and ability to form various solid-state formulations they find an increased use in the preparation of new drug formulations, imaging techniques and particularly in medicinal chemistry as catalysts for the sensitive determination of drugs and other biologically active compounds. The role of nanomaterials as catalysts in the preparation of substances with pharmacological properties the preparation of sensors, or the degradation and removal of medicinal compounds polluting the environment is undeniable.

This special issue aims to cover new nanomaterials and their applications in the above mentioned fields. The scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Role of nanomaterials in drug delivery and the development new drug formulations
  • Novel polymorphs and other solid-state forms.
  • The influence of nanotechnology on the physico-chemical properties of importance to adsorption, distribution and metabolism of drugs.
  • Tissue and cellular uptake of nanomaterials and their treatment potential
  • Application of nanomaterials as catalysts for the sensitive and selective determination of biologically active compounds
  • Application of nanomaterials in water treatment and degradation of pharmaceutical compounds


The special issue is guest edited by Prof. Hassan Karimi-Maleh, Dr. Afsaneh L. Sanati and Dr. Rozhin Darabi.

The special issue is scheduled for November 2023 and the submission deadline is October 15. Author Guidelines and Manuscript Submission can be found at:

During submission please select Nanomaterials in the Section field.