Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel by sodium metavanadate

  • Vijaya Gopal Sribharathy Corrosion Research Centre, PG and Research Department of Chemistry, GTN Arts College, Dindigul-624005, Tamil Nadu
  • Susai Rajendran Department of Chemistry, RVS School of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul-624005, Tamil Nadu


The inhibition efficiency of sodium metavanadate (SMV)-adipic acid (AA) system in controlling corrosion of carbon steel in an aqueous solution containing 60 ppm of Cl- has been evaluated by weight-loss method; 250 ppm of SMV exhibits inhibition efficiency of 56 %. Addition of adipic acid to SMV improves the inhibition efficiency of the system. The formulation consisting of 250 ppm of SMV and 250 ppm of adipic acid has inhibition efficiency of 98 %. A synergistic effect exists between SMV and adipic acid with the synergism parameters greater than 1. Mecha­nistic aspects of corrosion inhibition have been studied by electrochemical methods like potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. FTIR spectra reveal that the protective film consists of Fe2+-SMV complex and Fe2+-adipic acid complex. The protective film has been analyzed by fluorescence spectra, SEM and EDAX.


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Electrochemical Engineering