New potentiometric electrode based on ion pair complex for determination of tropicamide in pure and pharmaceutical formulations

  • Mouhammed Khateeb Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, University of Al-Baath, Homs
  • Basheer Elias Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Al- Baath Homs
  • Hazar Alksair Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Al- Baath Homs
Keywords: Tropicamide, Sodium tetraphenylborate, Ion pair complex, Carbon paste electrode, Pharmaceutical formulations


Construction and general performance of a novel modified carbon paste electrode (MCPE) for determination of tropicamide (TPC) in pure form and pharmaceutical formulations have been examined. Tropicamide-tetraphenylborate (TPC–TPB) ion pair has been prepa­red and used as electroactive material. The best MCPE electrode was composed of 7 % ion-pair, 46.5 % dioctylphthalat and 46.5 % graphite powder. The electrode shows stable potentiometric response for TPC in the concentration range 0.3–221.0 µM at 25 °C and pH range of 2.0–8.0. The electrode exhibits near Nernstian slope of 59.71±0.30 mV/decade and lower limit of detection of 0.09 µM with fast response time (less than 15 s). The selectivity of the electrode (TPC–TPB) was investigated with respect to some organic and inorganic cations. The MCPE was designed to have better mechanical resistance. The proposed method was successfully applied for determination of TPC in eye drop formulation.


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