Comparative corrosion behavior of Au50-Ag25-Pd25 and Ni88.6-Cr11.4 alloys utilized in dental applications

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Dental alloys, gold-silver-palladium, nickel-chromium, corrosion, electrochemical tests, surface morphology
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The electrochemical behaviour of alloys (Au50-Ag25-Pd25 and Ni88.6-Cr11.4) was studied in Fusayama's artificial saliva at pH 6.5 and 37 °C by using open circuit potential, electro­chemical impedance spectroscopy, and potentiodynamic polarization measure­ments. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy results were simulated with an equivalent electrical circuit. After immersion in artificial saliva, surface characterization of samples was done using scanning electron microscopy connected with energy-dispersive spectro­scopy. All obtained results revealed that Au50-Ag25-Pd25 alloy is much more resistive than Ni88.6-Cr11.4 and can be recommended for the effective treatment of patients with dental prosthetics that have metal frameworks.



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