Performance of magnetized tool in electrochemical micromachining on scrapped alloy wheel matrix composite

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  • Venugopal Palaniswamy Department of Mechanical Engineering, Muthayammal College of Engineering, Rasipuram 637408, India
  • Thanigaivelan Rajasekaran AKT Memorial College of Engineering and Technology, Kallakurichi, Tamil Nadu 606 213, India



Aluminum metal matrix composite, magnetic field, machining rate (MR), machining overcut (OC)
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Hybrid machining processes play an important role in traditional and non-traditional machining processes. Adding the magnetic field effect in electrochemical micromachining (ECMM) improves the machining efficiency and accuracy of the micro-hole machined. The process parameters, namely, voltage,duty cycle and electrolyte concentration,were used as input parameters, while machining rate (MR) and overcut (OC) are performance measures considered in this research. The work piece was a scrapped alloy wheel matrix fabricated with a stir-casting process reinforced with alumina (Al2O3). The EDAX and SEM image study was performed to understand the composition and surface quality of the machined workpiece, respectively. The micro-hole without magnetic field effect was also conducted to under­stand the possible advantage of magnetic field applied in ECMM.


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13-03-2023 — Updated on 13-03-2023

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