Modeling the velocity profiles in vanadium redox flow batteries-serpentine flow field

Original scientific paper


  • Sarede Yadav Department of Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad-500078, India
  • Balaji Krishnamurthy Department of Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad, India



Viscosity, porosity, channel height, channel width
Graphical Abstract


A mathematical model is developed to study the effect of performance parameters on the velocity profiles in a vanadium redox flow battery. The effects of flow rate, viscosity, porosity, electrode thickness, and the effect of channel height on the velocity profile in a vanadium redox flow battery are studied. Quantitative analysis of velocity profiles at the mid-height of the channel, at the channel-electrode interface, and mid-height of electrode thickness is done. The channel height, thickness and porosity are found to have a substantial effect on the velocity profiles across the battery. It was found that the velocity at the electrode-channel interface is about three orders of magnitude lower than the velocity in the channels. Model results are compared with experimental data and found to agree well.


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17-03-2023 — Updated on 17-03-2023

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Yadav, S., & Krishnamurthy, B. (2023). Modeling the velocity profiles in vanadium redox flow batteries-serpentine flow field: Original scientific paper. Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering, 13(3), 505–519.



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