Applications of biopolymer coatings in biomedical engineering

Review paper


  • Jashanpreet Singh Mechanical Engineering Department, Thapar University Patiala, 147004, India
  • Simranjit Singh School of Computer Science and Engineering, Bennett University, Greater Noida 201310, India
  • Rana Gill Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Bennett University, Greater Noida 201310, India and Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chandigarh University, Mohali 140413, India



Coatings methods, biomedical implants, tissue engineering
Graphical Abstract


In this paper, a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the many different types of biopolymer coatings used in biomedical applications is presented. Biopolymer coatings have tremendous promise in various biological applications due to their adaptability. Polymer coatings may be used to improve surface qualities to fulfill certain criteria or to include extra capabilities for various biomedical applications. This analysis focuses mostly on certain polymers for usage in coating applications as well as a variety of polymer coatings that provide enhanced functionalization. The most recent findings from relevant research have been presented on using polymer coatings on nanoparticles for biological applications. Moreover, the latest research on biopolymer coatings for im­proved tissue engineering and drug delivery on various substrates and nanoparticles has been reported. Additionally, the most recent scientific breakthroughs have been compiled.


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