Elevated temperature erosion of abradable seal coating

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Abradable coating, high-temperature erosion, erosive wear, plasma spraying technique, mass-loss
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Abradable coatings are essentially sealing materials and are deposited by thermal spray techniques. The main function of these coatings is to control the clearance of the gas path of the gas turbine engines. The abradable coating prevents turbine blade damage by abrading itself when there is an offset or vibration during turbine operation. Since the coating is meant to abrade, the preferred coating material is relatively softer than the turbine blade material. As these coatings are prone to solid particle erosion at high temperatures, the erosion response of these coatings at elevated temperatures needs to be investigated. In order to achieve this objective, MCrAlY boron nitride polymer coating was deposited employing an air plasma spraying technique on a Ni-base alloy substrate. The important features of the microstructure and mechanical properties of the coating were examined, and the coating was subjected to erosion at various temperatures under different erosion conditions. The results indicate a ductile erosion behaviour for an abradable top coat. The erosion rate increases with the temperature of the coating. The detailed results of the investigation are presented, and the erosion mechanisms are studied.


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