Short review on hydroxyapatite powder coating for SS 316L

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Biomaterials, biocompatibility, implants, plasma spray, coatings
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Medical implants and other biomaterials are used by millions of individuals all over the globe to restore lost bodily functions due to injury or illness. Many of these implants fail after a short time or have difficulties, despite the fact that they play important roles in keeping a person's life safe or increasing the quality of their lives. It is the lack of biocompatibility that has proven to be the biggest downfall of biomaterials. Investments in this industry may be made using a thin film of hydroxyapatite powder (HAP) on stainless steel. Plates, screws, pins, and artificial joints are only some fixation devices for bones that often use 316L stainless steel. However, due to its unique advan­tageous qualities such as super-elasticity and low-profile feature, thin film HAP signals a high potential for use in compact new cardiac devices like the cardiovascular system and protecting stent grafts.


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