Vol 6, No 2 (2018)

Chromatographic techniques to support ADMET&DMPK in early drug discovery
Guest editor: Klara Livia Valko

Table of Contents


Chromatographic technique to support ADMET&DMPK in early drug discovery PDF
Klara Livia Valko 71-73


The role and impact of high throughput biomimetic measurements in drug discovery PDF
Shenaz Bunally, Robert J Young 74-84
Leveraging chromatography based physicochemical properties for efficient drug design PDF
Gilles H. Goetz, Marina Shalaeva 85-104
Cocrystal solubility-pH and drug solubilization capacity of sodium dodecyl sulfate – mass action model for data analysis and simulation to improve design of experiments PDF
Alex Avdeef 105-139

Original Scientific Articles

Estimation of skin permeation by liquid chromatography PDF
Sara Soriano-Meseguer, Elisabet Fuguet, Adriana Port, Martí Rosés 140-152
Lipophilicity determination of acidic compounds: MEEKC as a reliable high-throughput methodology PDF
Xavier Subirats, Lidia Redón, Martí Rosés 153-161
Application of biomimetic HPLC to estimate lipophilicity, protein and phospholipid binding of potential peptide therapeutics PDF
Klara Livia Valko, Gabriela Ivanova-Berndt, Paul Beswick, Mark Kindey, Dorothy Ko 162-175
In vitro biomimetic HPLC and in vivo characterisation of GM6, an endogenous regulator peptide drug candidate for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis PDF
Klara Livia Valko, Mark Kindy, James Evans, Dorothy Ko 176-189
Peptide retention time prediction for immobilized artificial membrane phosphatidylcholine stationary phase: method development and preliminary observations PDF
Daniel Gussakovsky, Haley Neustaeter, Victor Spicer, Oleg Krokhine 190-199

ISSN 1848-7718