Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

Special issue devoted to the 6th IAPC Meeting

Guest editors: Kin Tam and Zoran Mandić

Table of Contents


Special issue devoted to the 6th IAPC Meeting: joint events comprising 6th World conference on physico-chemical methods in drug discovery and development and 3rd World conference on ADMET and DMPK PDF
Kin Tam, Zoran Mandić 1-3


The role of pharmacology in anticancer drug development PDF
Godefridus J. Peters, Anne-Sophie Govaerts, Hans R. Hendriks, for EORTC Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanism Group 4-14

Original Scientific Articles

In silico ADME in drug design – enhancing the impact PDF
Susanne Winiwarter, Ernst Ahlberg, Edmund Watson, Ioana Oprisiu, Mickael Mogemark, Tobias Noeske, Nigel Greene 15-33
Use of low-field NMR for the characterization of gels and biological tissues PDF
Michela Abrami, Gianluca Chiarappa, Rossella Farra, Gabriele Grassi, Paolo Marizza, Mario Grassi 34-46
Evaluation of the interactions between human serum albumin (HSA) and warfarin or diflunisal by using molecular fluorescence using two approaches PDF
Susana Amézqueta, Anna Bolioli Maria Bolioli, José Luis Beltrán, Clara Ràfols 47-54

Short Communications

Feasibility of the estimation of octanol-water distribution coefficients of acidic drugs by microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography PDF
Alejandro Fernández-Pumarega, Susana Amézqueta, Elisabet Fuguet, Martí Rosés 55-60
Dissolution rate of ciprofloxacin and its cocrystal with resorcinol PDF
Clara Ràfols, Hanan Fael, Elisabet Fuguet, Breeze Outhwaite, Samuel Lee, Rebeca Ruiz 61-70

ISSN 1848-7718