Vol 3, No 3 (2015)

Special issue: Research in neurodegenerative diseases: challenges and solutions

Table of Contents


Research in neurodegenerative diseases: challenges and solutions PDF
Kin Tam 154


Nanotechnology platforms in Parkinson’s Disease PDF
Rishi Rajat Adhikary, Puja Sandbhor, Rinti Banerjee 155-181
Assessing Blood Brain Barrier Permeability in Traumatic Brain Injury Research PDF
George P. Liao, Benjamin M. Aertker, Daniel J. Kota, Karthik S. Prabhakara, Philipp Smith, Robert A. Hetz, Hasen Xue, Supinder Bedi, Scott D. Olson, Charles S. Cox 182-189
Nose-to-Brain delivery of insulin for Alzheimer’s disease PDF
Martina Stützle, Johannes Flamm, Stefan Carle, Katharina Schindowski 190-202
The Roles of Genetics in Aβ related Alzheimer's Diseases PDF
Yin Tian, Zhongyan Wang, Zechao Ding, Huiling Zhang 203-215
Chemical and Physical Approaches for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease PDF
Jing Li, Wei Zhou, Xiaoli Wu, Kin Tam 216-234
Transcranial direct current stimulation in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: Challenges and responses PDF
Hong Yuan, Serik Tabarak, Jing Yu, Xu Lei 235-241
Animal models for Alzheimer’s disease: a focused review of transgenic rodent models and behavioral assessment methods PDF
Xiaoli Wu, Jing Li, Wei Zhou, Kin Tam 242-253
An overview on the role of telomere , telomerase in degenerative diseases and cancer PDF
Churong Li, Yin Gang 254-259
The Impact of L2 Learning on Cognitive Aging PDF
Kaiwen Cheng, Yanhui Deng, Ming Li, Hong Mei Yan 260-273

Original Scientific Articles

Specific frequency bands of amplitude low-frequency fluctuations in memory-related cognitive impairment: predicting Alzheimer’s disease PDF
Yin Tian, Zechao Ding, Kin Yip Tam, Zhongyan Wang, Huiling Zhang, Dechun Zhao, Yi Zhao, Wei Xu, Shuxing Zheng 274-280
A Trend Model for Alzheimer’s Mortality PDF
Örjan Hallberg 281-286
Prion protein and its interactions with metal ions (Cu2+, Zn2+, and Cd2+) and metallothionein 3 PDF
Branislav Ruttkay-Nedecky, Eliska Sedlackova, Dagmar Chudobova, Kristyna Cihalova, Ana Maria Jimenez Jimenez, Sona Krizkova, Lukas Richtera, Vojtech Adam, Rene Kizek 287-295

ISSN 1848-7718