Spectroscopic examination and release of microencapsulated oregano essential oil

Ioannis Partheniadis, Panagiota Karakasidou, Souzan Vergkizi, Ioannis Nikolakakis


Oregano essential oil (EO) of Greek origin with high carvacrol content (86.84 %) was encapsulated by spray drying using Arabic gum, modified starch and maltodextrin (75:12.5:12.5) as wall materials. The spray-dried product (EOSD) consisted of roundish particles with narrow size distribution. FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy identified the EO in EOSD, with Raman spectra showing more distinct peaks and a small shift of the peak at 1260 cm-1 (assigned to the stretching vibration of the bond of C-O of the phenol), implying only minor chemical interaction with the wall materials. Release of the EO from EOSD was described by the Hixson-Crowell equation (R2=0.986) with apparent diffusion coefficient 8.3x10-10 m2/s. These findings indicate that microencapsulation by spray drying did not affect the quality of the oregano EO and provided relatively fast and complete release.


oregano essential oil; microencapsulation; spray drying; FT-IR; Raman spectroscopy, in vitro release

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ISSN 1848-7718