Preclinical formulation for the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of GBO-006, a selective polo like kinase 2 (PLK2) inhibitor for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer

Srinivas Maddi, Ravi Akkireddy, Srinivas Lenkalapelly, Pratima Srivastava, Joshodeep Boruwa, Chandra Deb, Arnab Roy Chowdhury, Duraiswamy A. Jeyaraj, Ramana Reddy, Premkumar Reddy, Manoj Maniar, Sachin Bansal, Jang B. Gupta


GBO-006 was shown to be a highly specific and selective PLK2 inhibitor that promoted mitotic arrest in various cancer cell lines, subsequently resulting in their apoptotic death.  Intraperitoneal alternate day dosing of GBO-006 using 100 % DMSO as formulation showed significant tumor regression in xenograft models, demonstrating proof of concept of PLK2 inhibition in vivo. These studies necessitated the development of a suitable and GRAS (generally considered as safe) preformulation for pharmacokinetic and efficacy studies. GBO-006 possesses challenging physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties like poor solubility in aqueous media, low permeability and a crystalline nature. Different methods like cosolvency, complexation and micellar solubilization were employed to improve the solubility of GBO-006.  A strategy of co-solvency is used to solubilize the GBO-006 up to 10 mg/mL. A formulation with 20 % DMSO, 40 % PEG 400, 30 % of 100 mM citrate buffer (pH 3.0) and 10 % solutol displayed clear solution without any visual precipitation of the drug even after 2 weeks of storage. GBO-006 showed moderate clearance in rat and high systemic clearance in mouse and dog. It showed poor oral bioavailability across all species. Intraperitoneal dosing of GBO-006 demonstrated the linear exposure. GBO-006 showed significant inhibition of tumor progression.  




PLK2 inhibitor, Pharmacokinetics, Efficacy, Triple negative breast cancer

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ISSN 1848-7718