Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

Electrochemical Science

Inhibition of corrosion of carbon steel by heptane sulphonic acid – Zn2+ system PDF
C. Mary Anbarasi, Susai Rajendran 1-18

Electrochemical Engineering

Hardness and electrochemical behavior of ceramic coatings on Inconel PDF
C. Sujaya, H. D. Shashikala, G. Umesh, A. C. Hedge 19-31
Formation of the honeycomb-like electrodes by the regime of pulsating overpotential in the second range PDF
Nebojša D. Nikolić, Goran Branković, Miomir G. Pavlović 33-40
Preparation and characterization of RuO2/polyaniline/polymer binder composite electrodes for supercapacitor applications PDF
Suzana Sopčić, Marijana Kraljić Roković, Zoran Mandić 41-52

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