Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Vol 10, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Electrochemical Science

Electrodeposition of the Sb2Se3 thin films on various substrates from the tartaric electrolyte PDF (541 kB)
Vusala Asim Majidzade, Akif Shikhan Aliyev, Parvin Haydar Guliyev, Dunya Mahammad Babanly 1-9
Staircase voltammetry of dissolved redox couple in a thin layer twin electrode cell PDF (450 kB)
Milivoj Lovrić 11-19
Atomic layer deposited V2O5 coatings: a promising cathode for Li-ion batteries PDF (748 kB)
Martyn Pemble, Ian Povey, Dimitra Vernardou 21-28
Enhanced voltammetric detection of paracetamol by using carbon nanotube modified electrode as an electrochemical sensor PDF (1,076 kB)
Madikeri M. Charithra, Jamballi G. Manjunatha 29-40

Electrochemical Engineering

Recovery of nickel from spent NiCd batteries by regular and ultrasonic leaching followed by electrodeposition PDF (375 kB)
Elumalai Selvamani Nivetha, Ramanujam Saravanathamizhan 41-47

Bioelectrochemistry and Fuel Cells

Microfluidic paper based membraneless biofuel cell to harvest energy from various beverages PDF (423 kB)
Prakash Rewatkar, Sanket Goel 49-54

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