Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Vol 8, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents

Electrochemical Science

Electrochemical behaviour of selenite ions in tartaric electrolytes PDF (776 kB)
Vusala Asim Majidzade, Akif Shikhan Aliyev, Parvin Haydar Guliyev, Yasin Nagi Babayev, Mahmoud Elrouby, Dilgam Babir Tagiyev 197-204
The template-assisted electrodeposition of platinum nanowires for catalytic applications PDF (849 kB)
Soha Mohajeri, Abolghassem Dolati, Sahar Hashemi Daryan 205-217
Comparative analysis of adsorption and corrosion inhibitive properties of ethanol extract of Dialium Guineense leaves for mild steel in 0.5 M HCl PDF (522 kB)
Shola Elijah Adeniji, Bamigbola Abiola Akindehinde 219-226

Electrochemical Engineering

Electrochemical evaluation of corrosion resistance of chromium plated nickel and copper tin alloys. A comparative study PDF (1,803 kB)
Chike F. Oduoza, Stacey Hingley 227-239
Effect of Fe, Ni, and Cr on the corrosion behaviour of hyper-eutectic Al-Si automotive alloy under different pH conditions PDF (2,807 kB)
Mohammad Salim Kaiser, Maglub Al Nur 241-253

Bioelectrochemisry and Fuel Cells

Evaluation of strontium substituted lanthanum manganite-based solid oxide fuel cell cathodes using cone-shaped electrodes and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy PDF (460 kB)
Kent Kammer Hansen 255-260

Technical Reports

Borax buffer solution for pH measurement: Homogeneity and stability studies and its application in the proficiency testing program PDF (650 kB)
Nurhani Aryana, Ayu Hindayani, Oman Zuas, Fransiska S. H. Krismastuti 261-270

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