Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Vol 3, No 3 (2013)

Special Issue dedicated to ESSEE6

This issue of the Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering is dedicated to the 6. European Summer School on Electrochemical Engineering (ESSEE6) held in Zadar, Croatia, September 16-21, 2012. As a triennial event the European Summer School of Electrochemical Engineering aims to raise awareness of the importance of electrochemical engineering in the various aspects of technological applications as well as to help students and engineers to successfully meet the challenges they encounter in their careers.

Table of Contents

Electrochemical Engineering

Zoran Mandić i
A review of liquid metal anode solid oxide fuel cells PDF
Aliya Toleuova, Vladimir Yufit, Stefaan Simons, William C. Maskell, Daniel J. L. Brett 91-105
A multichannel frequency response analyser for impedance spectroscopy on power sources PDF
Quentin Meyer, Simon Barass, Oliver Curnick, Tobias Reisch, Daniel J. L. Brett 107-114
Electrochemical behaviour of PES ionomer and Pt-free catalyst for PEMFCs PDF
Stefania Giordano, Mariangela Longhi, Leonardo Formaro, Hermes Farina, Giuseppe Di Silvestro 115-123
Electrochemical treatment of leachates from sanitary landfills PDF
Annabel Fernandes, Edite Catalão, Lurdes Ciríaco, Maria J. Pacheco, Ana Lopes 125-135

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