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Electrochemical Science

NOx and propene conversion on La0.85Sr0.15MnO3+d/Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 symmetrical cells PDF (1,908 kB)
Anja Z. Friedberg, Kent Kammer Hansen
Electrochemical Determination of the Levels of Cadmium, Copper and Lead in Polluted Soil and Plant Samples from Mining Areas in Zamfara State, Nigeria PDF (1,542 kB)
Modupe Mabel Ogunlesi, Wesley Okiei, Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju, Michael Oluboyo
Carbon nanofiber modified with osmium based redox polymer for glucose sensing PDF (1,745 kB)
Amos Mugweru, Reaz Mahmud, Kartik Ghosh, Adam Wanekaya
Optical and electrochemical detection of a verotoxigenic E. coli gene using DNAzyme-labeled stem-loops PDF (1,705 kB)
Gloria Longinotti, Gabriel Ybarra, Javier Montserrat

Electrochemical Engineering

Benchmarking of electrolyte mass transport in next generation lithium batteries PDF (1,829 kB)
Jonas Lindberg, Henrik Lundgren, Mårten Behm, Göran Lindbergh

Bioelectrochemisry and Fuel Cells

Large scale model predictions on the effect of GDL thermal conductivity and porosity on PEM fuel cell performance PDF (2,593 kB)
Obaid ur Rehman, Amber Fishan Zafar

6th RSE SEE Special Issue

Electrochemical behavior of electrodeposited Pd and PdNi coatings for the ethanol oxidation reaction in alkaline solution PDF (1,674 kB)
Jelena Dušan Lović, Vladimir Jović
Synthesis; Redox behaviour; Composites; Sensors; Biosensors; Supercapacitors; Electrocatalysis PDF (3,948 kB)
György Inzelt

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