Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering



Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering 
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is an open access journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of new and original scientific results in all areas of electrochemical science, engineering, technology and material engineering.

 Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering 
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Association of South-East European Electrochemists (ASEE) 



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Vol 9, No 4 (2019)

Table of Contents

Electrochemical Science

Formation and reduction of anodic film on polycrystalline Bi electrode in pure methanol solutions PDF (514 kB)
Anastos George Anastopoulos, Athanasios A. Papaderakis 223-230
Simultaneous determination of trace levels of Cd(II) and Pb(II) in tap water samples by anodic stripping voltammetry with 2-mercaptobenzothiazole modified electrode PDF (1,007 kB)
Sophy Phlay, Weena Aemaeg Tapachai, Supunnee Daungthong, Puchong Worarattananurak, Pipat Chooto 231-242
Sol-gel synthesis and electrochemical performance of NiCo2O4 nanoparticles for supercapacitor applications PDF (1,278 kB)
Yong Zhang, Yi Ru, Hai-Li Gao, Shi-Wen Wang, Ji Yan, Ke-Zheng Gao, Xiao-Dong Jia, He-Wei Luo, Hua Fang, Ai-Qin Zhang, Li-Zhen Wang 243-253
Synthesis and characterization of LaMnO3 nanocrystals and graphene oxide: fabrication of graphene oxide–LaMnO3 sensor for simultaneous electrochemical determination of hydroquinone and catechol PDF (788 kB)
Sedighe Akbari, Mohammad Mehdi Foroughi, Hadi Hassani Nadiki, Shohreh Jahani 255-267

Electrochemical Engineering

Principles of the express method for controlling interelectrode space condition during wire electrochemical processing PDF (801 kB)
Vasyl Osypenko, Oleksandr Plakhotnyi, Oleksii Timchenko 269-280

Bioelectrochemistry and Fuel Cells

Platinum utilization in proton exchange membrane fuel cell and direct methanol fuel cell - Review PDF (1,101 kB)
Madhavi Bandapati, Sanket Goel, Balaji Krishnamurthy 281-310
Parametric modeling of microbial fuel cells PDF (788 kB)
Amandeep Singh, Balaji Krishnamurthy 311-323

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