J. Electrochem. Sci. Eng.  

A sensitive electrochemical sensor based on polypyrrole/electrochemically reduced graphene oxide for the determination of imidacloprid

Chenglong Chen, Zhen Han, Wu Lei, Yong Ding, Jingjing Lv, Mingzhu Xia, Fengyun Wang, Qingli Hao


The glassy carbon electrode (GCE) was modified by electrochemically reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) and polypyrrole (PPy) prepared by simple cyclic voltammetry (CV) electropoly­merization. The PPy/ERGO modified electrode (PPy/ERGO/GCE) was used as a platform of electrochemical sensor to detect imidacloprid (IMI) insecticide. CV and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) were chosen as the methods to investigate of the electrochemical behavior of IMI on PPy/ERGO/GCE surface. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Raman spectra were utilized to describe the morphology and structure of the modified electrode. Experimental parameters were optimized, such as the number of polymerization cycles, scan rate and the pH value of electrolyte. Under the optimized conditions, when the concentration of IMI was in the range of 1-10 μM and 10-60 μM, the increase of reduction peak current was linear with the concentration of IMI, and the low detection limit was found to be 0.18 μM (S/N = 3). Results showed that PPy/ERGO/GCE demonstrated satisfactory reproducibility and stability, and has great potential in actual sample testing.


Electro-polymerization; modified electrode; imidacloprid insecticide; electrochemical behavior; actual samples

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