J. Electrochem. Sci. Eng.  

Potentiometric detection of low-levels of sulfamethazine in milk and pharmaceutical formulations using novel plastic membrane sensors

Saad S. M. Hassan, Ayman H. Kamel, Nada H. A. Elbehery


Novel potentiometric sensors for selective screening of sulfamethazine (SMZ) in pharmaceutical preparations and milk samples are reported. The sensor membranes were made from PVC matrix doped with magnesium(II)-, manganese(II)- and dichlorotin (IV)-phthalocyanines as ionophores and aliquat-336 and nitron/SMZ ion-pair complex as ion exchangers. These sensors revealed fast, stable and near-Nernstian anionic response for the singly charged sulfamethazine anion over the concentration range 10-2 - 10-5 M. The sensors exhibited good selectivity towards SMZ over most known anions, excipients and diluents commonly added in drug preparations. Validation of the proposed methods was demonstrated via evaluating the detection limit, linear response range, accuracy, precision (within-day repeatability) and between-day-variability. The sensors are easily interfaced with a double channel flow injection system and used for continuous monitoring of SMZ in drug formulations, spiked milk samples and biological tissues. The method offers the advantages of design simplicity, results accuracy, and automation feasibility.


Sulfamethazine; potentiometric-ion sensors; automation; method validation

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