Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering



Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering 
(ISSN 1847-9286)
is an open access journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of new and original scientific results in all areas of electrochemical science, engineering, technology and material engineering.

 Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering 
is the official Journal of the
Association of South-East European Electrochemists (ASEE) 



Višnja Horvat-Radošević


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: RSE-SEE-6 special issue


Special issue devoted to the 6th Regional Symposium on Electrohemistry of South-East Europe (RSE-SEE6), June 11-15, 2017, Balatonkenese, Hungary

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Vol 8, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents

Electrochemical Science

Redox mediation at poly(o-aminophenol) coated electrodes: mechanistic diagnosis from steady state polarization curves PDF (1,688 kB)
Gabriel Ybarra, Carlos Moina, María Inés Florit, Dionisio Posadas 271-280
Analysis of sulfamethoxazole by square wave voltammetry using new carbon paste electrode PDF (1,482 kB)
Izabel Cristina Eleotério, Marco Aantonio Balbino, José Fernando de Andrade, Bruno Ferreira, Adelir Aparecida Saczk, Leonardo Luiz Okumura, Antonio Carlos Ferreira Batista, Marcelo Firmino de Oliveira 281-289
Electrochemical behavior of tantalum in potassium hydroxide solutions PDF (1,623 kB)
Irena Ljubomir Mickova 291-301
Aluminum corrosion inhibition by cefixime drug: experimental and DFT studies PDF (2,169 kB)
N’guessan Yao Silvere Diki, Gildas K. Gbassi, Augustin Ouedraogo, Mohamed Berte, Albert Trokourey 303-320

Electrochemical Engineering

Limiting current density in electrochemical micromachining PDF (1,537 kB)
Chuanjun Zhao, Lizhong Xu 321-330
Laser induced selective electroless copper plating on polyurethane using EDTA-Cu as active material PDF (1,459 kB)
Binggong Yan, Xiaodi Huang, Xuan Song, Lei Kang, Qihe Le, Kaiyong Jiang 331-339

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